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Metal Handrails South Croydon

M&S Metalcraft Ltd are the leading designer, manufacturer and installer of the metal handrails South Croydon customers want for their property. Are you looking for metal handrails for inside your home or workplace? If so, there is no better choice for the metal handrails South Croydon customers want. The team at M&S Metalcraft Ltd can […]

Metal Gates Sevenoaks

Metal Gates Sevenoaks Are you looking for new metal gates for your home or business property? If so, look no further! For the best bespoke metal gates Sevenoaks customers will find, you need M&S Metalcraft Ltd. They have extensive experience in producing the high quality metal gates Sevenoaks homeowners need. Why use M&S Metalcraft Ltd? […]

Metalwork Tunbridge wells

M&S Metalcraft Ltd are the specialists in metalwork Tunbridge Wells homeowners can rely on. Whether you are looking for decorative metalwork or structural metalwork, the team at M&S Metalcraft Ltd are the crafts experts who can provide what you need. They specialise in providing a wide range of types of the metalwork Tunbridge Wells customers want, including […]

Metal Staircase East Grinstead

M&S Metalcraft Ltd are the leading suppliers of metal staircases East Grinstead customers need. They design, manufacture and install high quality, precision built metal staircases. Whether you are working on a new build property, renovating an old building, remodelling your home or constructing an extension, they are the specialist who can provide the best choice […]

General Metalwork

About M&S Metalcraft Ltd We’re proud to say that we’re bespoke architectural metalworkers here at M&S Metalcraft. We’re a family run business serving many areas with our general metalwork services. We’ve been providing quality general metalwork to our customers since 1998. Our managing director, Martin Bissex, has over 40 years of experience in the manufacture, […]

Internal Metal Staircases Tunbridge Wells

Internal Metal Staircases in Tunbridge Wells Internal metal staircases are the perfect addition to many properties. Whether you own a commercial building, are an architect, or just want some stylish stairs in your home, then we can help. M&S Metalcraft has been around for over 26 years, and we’re experts in providing internal metal staircases […]

Metal Safety Rails

How accessible is your Home or Garden? Many people can become quite unaware of the problems and issues that come with accessibility in the home, and the worry that can come along with it. There are issues that can impact your everday life,like the enjoyment of your home or garden when you need to have […]

Bespoke Metalwork Surrey

M&S Metalcraft Ltd offers a range of bespoke metalwork services to people in Surrey. We’re always happy to listen to your requirements and we’re confident in the abilities of our team to produce the outcomes that you had in mind. Find out about our bespoke services below. Our bespoke metalwork services are ideal for people […]

Metal Staircases Sussex

Metal Staircases Sussex M&S Metalcraft Ltd specialise in metalwork. As well as general metalwork, they produce a range of popular choices of home and business metal fabrications, including metal staircases and handrails, and the best choice of metalwork Sussex property owners can rely on. Each piece is custom made to meet customer specifications. Metal staircase?, […]

Metal Gates Surrey

Finding a metal gate for your outdoor space is an important task. Not only does it need to be safe and secure, but it also has to look great. Here at M&S Metalcraft Ltd, we offer high-quality metal gates that you can rely on and trust. We have been supplying metal gates to customers in Surrey […]