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Internal Metal Staircases

Internal Metal Staircases-METAL IN THE RAW

We have manufactured and fitted many different internal mild steel staircases,the concept of these is to embrace the Industrial and IN THE RAW look of mild steel.The idea is to be able to see the marks,manufacturing process and milling in the finished item as opposed to painting and covering this.

Usually your builder or decorator can apply a flat varnish finish to the staircase in order to halt rusting,but this does not remove the true identity of the material.

A matt paint finish can also be applied if you prefer not to see the natural processes.  

The welding can be sanded flat or left as laid for a truly natural look.

These staircases are only for Customers who can embrace the true natural look of Mild Steel without too much finishing intervention.

Please see the GALLERY page for a selection of manufacturing and finished staircase pictures.