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Internal Metal Staircases Tunbridge Wells

Internal Metal Staircases in Tunbridge Wells

Internal metal staircases are the perfect addition to many properties. Whether you own a commercial building, are an architect, or just want some stylish stairs in your home, then we can help.

M&S Metalcraft has been around for over 26 years, and we’re experts in providing internal metal staircases in Tunbridge Wells. Our service is unique, and we’re a local business that’s built on exemplary customer service. No matter the project, we have the skills needed to provide a stunning staircase that suits your requirements.

Embrace The True Natural Look Of Mild Steel

What sets us apart from the rest is that we have a different way of approaching things. With our internal metal staircases, we design them to look in the raw. We want them to be as natural as possible, meaning you still see marks from the manufacturing process. This provides a very industrial look and feel, which can be perfect for loads of different interiors.

We offer a range of finishes and varnishes as well, which can be applied by your builder or decorator. this won’t damage the natural look of our steel staircases, but it does offer additional protection. As a result, you get stunning internal metal staircases that are built to last.

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