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General Metalwork

General Metalwork Do you require metal work for your business or residential property? Finding the correct type of metalwork can be tricky, and installing general metalwork items around your property can help you quickly improve the functionality and aesthetics. But what is general metalwork, and what type of items are available? Metalwork from M & […]

Metal Staircase East Grinstead

M&S Metalcraft Ltd are the leading suppliers of metal staircases East Grinstead customers need. They design, manufacture and install high quality, precision built metal staircases. Whether you are working on a new build property, renovating an old building, remodelling your home or constructing an extension, they are the specialist who can provide the best choice […]

Bespoke Metal Staircases Sussex

A unique building is a beautiful thing, and all around the world design specialists strive to produce constructions that are more than just four walls and a roof. Design is more than just for aesthetic purposes though, and the very best architecture is also practical and fit for purpose. It is natural to want unique, […]

Bespoke Metal Staircases Surrey

Staircases are one of the most important features in a building, even if most of us would rather take the lift. From fire escapes to just getting up to bed, staircases are a feature in almost all buildings, and are so ubiquitous we can often take them for granted. When it comes to planning a […]

Bespoke Metal Staircases West Kent

Architectural metal is the ultimate balance of design and art. From the family home to commercial settings, there are a wide range of great bespoke metal features that can be used to great effect. Some of the most effective design solutions are the bespoke metal staircases West Kent have used. Read on for a look […]

Metal Staircases Surrey

The design and construction of a building or home is essential to its success, and from the moment the plans are drawn up, the way the building will be used needs to be considered carefully. A modern property is a complex interplay of complimentary systems and materials that make the property fit for purpose, and […]

Internal Metal Staircases Putney

When you’re looking for an industrial-style internal metal staircase that brings both style and durability, look no further than those manufactured and supplied by M&S Metalcraft Ltd. Our internal metal staircases are second to none and they’re created with care. Each one is unique and offers that raw style that’s so popular right now. We’ve […]

Metal Staircases

Metal Staircases At M&S Metalcraft, we’re a family run business, and our experts provide quality metalwork in many areas to better serve you. One of several services we provide is installing metal staircases. We believe in our products and that this addition to your home will make it look even more beautiful and modern. The goal […]