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Metal Handrails Surrey

Our metal handrails are second to none, so if you’re looking to add some to your home or business, you should get in touch with us here at M&S Metalcraft Ltd in Surrey. We insist upon the highest of standards when it comes to the metalwork we produce, so you can be sure that when you come to us looking for metal handrails, you won’t be at all disappointed by what you receive.

Metal handrails come in so many different shapes, designs and sizes. That’s something that our services reflect at M&S Metalcraft Ltd. We have so many styles and options for you to consider, and we’ll always listen to precisely what you’re looking for from your metal handrail. We know that each customer has a specific set of needs and requirements and we’ll always be more than happy to take those into account during the design process.

We understand just how important metal handrails can be as well. When you or a family member require that extra support when working into and out of their property via their path, you want to know that the metal handrail you have in place can be completely relied upon at all times. That’s the way it should be and we’re always keen to ensure the safety and security of all the metal handrails we offer here at M&S Metalcraft Ltd in Lingfield Surrey.

You can be sure that the handrails we manufacture won’t let you down and will offer the right kind of support, tailored to the needs you have. Wherever mobility is a concern, there should be a strong and sturdy metal handrail in place and it’s our job to manufacture those handrails for you. We’ll discuss designs with you and find the one that’s right for you.

Safety and sturdiness are both vital, but the design and aesthetic appeal of your handrail are too. There’s no reason why your metal handrail can’t do its job as well as look good while it’s doing it.

We’ve already helped many households find and install the metal handrails that are right for them and we’ll be able to do the same for you as well. You can see for yourself some examples of the metal handrails we’ve created for customers here on our website if you want an idea of the outcomes we generally achieve.

Our family-run Surrey business is entirely focused on ensuring your new metal handrails are completed to the highest standards. We’ve carried out this work for many other customers in your situation. You just need to get in touch if you think we’re able to help you. Call 020 8684 2890 or email us on