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Welcome to M&S Metalcraft, we’re one of the leading metal workers in Croydon and the surrounding area. We offer bespoke architectural metalwork that’s moulded to your designs and created to satisfy our customers. The services we offer are extensive and diverse, but one of our most popular is metal handrails.
Bespoke Metal Handrails In Croydon
Our talented team of metal workers can create the best metal handrails in Croydon. We work alongside our clients to ensure that everything is done to their specifications.

Who would need metal handrails in Croydon? Lots of people! Handrails are used in all walks of life with their primary purpose to provide safety and stability. They’re most likely to be seen alongside stairs or down the side of ramps for people to hold onto as they make their way down or up.

We service various clients that need metal handrails installed in or outside their property. Unlike some other providers of metal handrails in Croydon, we can service both individuals and small businesses. If you require metal handrails for a shopping area or to accompany steps outside your restaurant, we’re the people to come to. Likewise, if you need some for a staircase in your home or outside your property, we’re fully equipped to do that too.

As we’ve alluded to, we offer bespoke metal handrails in Croydon. This means that we design each handrail based on the client. We know that different people have different needs, and there is not one metal handrail that fits every single staircase out there. Some homes we go to need to have their metal handrail to angle around a corner, while others just need a straight line down an outside stairway.

No matter what, we listen to your demands and collaborate with you to ensure we create the perfect metal handrail for your needs. This means we visit the property, take multiple measurements, listen to your ideas, come up with rough sketches, and then create the finished product. Then, it’s just a case of us installing the metal handrails for you.
Strong & Stable Metal Handrails In Croydon
As a leading provider of metal handrails in Croydon, we’ve made it our mission to create the best product possible. As such, all of our metal handrails are incredibly strong and stable. They’re built to last, and they’re built to withstand adverse weather conditions too.

If you’re in a situation where you worry about mobility and need something to support you on your way up and down stairs, these metal handrails are a must for you. Our team of metal workers has endless experience in this sector and are more than capable of carrying out any metal work.

Feel free to check out the gallery page on our site to look at all the amazing examples of our completed metal handrails for previous clients. If this interests you and you want to make your property safer, please get in touch with us today. Call or email, and we’ll speak to you about our metal handrails service and how we can help you out. 

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